Air Carrier Expenses - Full

Contains detailed operating expenses for major, national, and regional air carriers. The data comes from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), Form 41 Financial Schedule, form P-6. Records are available from January 1990 through September 2023 . Shuttle For more information and reports from the Airline Expenses database try: General query help is available. In addition, detailed help is provided for a data item when it is displayed as a link.

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Data Item Display Criteria Value(s)
Start Year/Quarter    
End Year/Quarter    
Salaries Management
Salaries Flight
Salaries Maintenance
Salaries Traffic
Salaries Other
Salaries Total
Benefits Personnel
Benefits Pensions
Benefits Payroll
Benefits Total
Salaries Benefits Total
Aircraft Fuel
Maintenance Material
Other Materials
Materials Total
Outside Equipement
Commisions Passenger
Commissions Cargo
Other Services
Services Total
Landing Fees
Transport Expense
Operating Expense


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