NTSB Pre 1982 Accident Query

This NTSB aviation accident database contains information for civil aviation accidents and selected S-38 Sikorsky Seaplane incidents that occurred from 1962 through 1981 within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters. For NTSB accident data from 1982 to current, see the NTSB Accident query. Related accident information can be found at the FAA Accident query.

Note that the columns and the meaning of columns differ from the post 1982 accident data store.

Many more data items are available for NTSB Pre 1982 Accidents than are displayed on this query. See our custom solutions for more details to access the full set of information.

In addition to the free reports and queries, we provide Custom Solutions using the AviationDB database, including one time and periodic report generation.

General help and hints are available if you are not getting the results you wanted on the NTSB Pre 1982 Accident report. Help is also provided for a Data Item when it is displayed as a link.

Data Item Criteria Value(s)
Date_Occurrence From
Registration Number (use leading "N")
Aircraft Make
Aircraft Model
Aircraft Serial Number
Total Killed
Total Seriously Injured
Total Minor Injured
Event City or other location
Event State, Territory, or other location
Text Search

General Help

If more than one record is returned, a summary screen will be displayed with data selected. Pressing the "Details" button on that screen will display details for each row. Depending on the criteria used, it could take as much as 2 minutes to return the results of the query. For best results, start with the fewest values and broadest criteria (for instance "contains" instead of "equals").
Hints to get results
Criteria values restrict the results to match all the values entered.
All data is returned when no criteria values are used.
If there are too many results, enter more criteria.
If there are not enough results use only one criteria value, use "contains" with a minimum number of characters or use broad ranges until results are returned.
Spelling, punctuation, and spaces can be inconsistant in any text such as names, addresses, serial numbers, etc.

One and only one may be chosen per data item and take effect if any entries are made into the "value(s)" column. Comparisons are not case sensitive and the data item need not be selected for display to be used as criteria. The selections are:
Equal (default)
Exactly matches the specified value. Multiple values, separated by a comma, may be entered.
Not Equal
Does not match the specified value. One and only value may be entered.
Equal or Less
Matches the specified value and any values less than that entered. One and only value may be entered.
Equal or More
Matches the specified value and any values more than that entered. One and only value may be entered.
Equal to or greater than and equal to or less than the specified values (two are required).
Starts With
Matches all items that start with this value. One and only value may be entered.
Matches all items that contain this value. One and only value may be entered.

Dates can be entered in "YYYY-MM-DD" format.
Are not case sensitive.
Can be drop down list boxes or entered values.
Multiple values can be selected in drop down list boxes using the "control" or "shift" keys.
Values in drop down list boxes can be de-selected by click on the value while pressing the "control" key.
If more than one value is entered, separated them with a comma (stuff,more stuff).

Data Item Help

Occurrence Date
The date the event occurred.
Always displayed and cannot be deselected.
Output is sorted by this field.

Total Killed
Total fatalities as a result of this event for this aircraft.
Includes ground fatalities.

Total Seriously Injured
Total serious injuries as a result of this event for this aircraft.
Includes ground serious injuries.

Total Minor Injured
Total minor injuries as a result of this event for this aircraft.
Includes ground minor injuries.

Event Location
Generally contains a concatenation of city and abbreviated state.
Not consistently coded.

Aircraft Serial Number
Manufactor's assigned serial number for this aircraft.

Text Search
Search for text in Causes, Remarks, Occurrances, and Phase of Flight.

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